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1...2...3… TKD!: Martial arts for Preschoolers
December 9, 2020 at 4:00 AM

Preschoolers in Tae Kwon Do are SO enthusiastic! Whether they are shy to join at first or can’t hold back their energy, four- and five-year olds all end up loving the opportunity to kick and punch and yell. Hie!

Many kids come to Tae Kwon Do after participating in other group sport lessons such as swimming lessons and gymnastics classes and are comfortable joining into the class activities. Four- and five-year-olds in martial arts build on those social skills of cooperation and respect for one another, adding new physical skills different from other sports.

For some preschoolers, especially the three and a half year olds, Tae Kwon Do class might be a first experience of organized sport. In the structured and consistent environment, preschoolers are immersed in a new experience for their class, practicing counting in Korean, interacting with their classmates, and improving their coordination, balance, and focus. They practice identifying right and left, kicking with their left leg and punching with their right hand, even memorizing a 20-step poomsae (pattern).

Tae Kwon Do classes give preschoolers a safe time and place to yell their loudest, kick their hardest, and punch their strongest. Within the bounds of a Tae Kwon Do class, they can try out these physical expressions in an appropriate way and explore their abilities with the right equipment and coaching. Our instructors remind preschool students that Tae Kwon Do class is the right time to use their punches and kicks, unless they are practicing with their parents.

Tae Kwon Do offers so many benefits for preschoolers - learning physical skills, practicing self management, engaging with their classmates, and listening to the instructors. Plus, it’s so energetic and fun! No surprise why many children’s shows include martial arts characters.