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Moving martial arts classes online -- keep kicking!
December 9, 2020 at 7:00 AM

Stay on top of your progress with online Tae Kwon Do classes.

Master Cha and Instructor Andrew teach daily Tae Kwon Do classes at students’ usual class times and complement this with private lessons for focused feedback and progress. Classes aren’t pre-recorded, so students receive in-the-moment engagement with the instructors.

Using Google Meet, students follow the real-time lesson and continue their progress on their belt level. Students receive feedback to refine their technique and improve their fundamental skills and poomsae. November’s colour belt promotion tests were held online and students showed that they were able to advance their Tae Kwon Do skills from home.

Sparring conditioning exercises as well as footwork and kicking drills help ensure students are in top shape for sparring when competitions and face-to-face training resume.

We appreciate everyone’s patience as we shift to online classes -- we look forward to seeing everyone’s best kicks, blocks, punches, and poomse moves. We’ve sent all students an email with links to the online classes - give us a call if you need assistance.

Here are some tips for awesome online martial arts classes:

Making it easy

  • Create a free Google account (email).
  • Download the Google Meet app.

Getting ready

  • Set up your computer or iPad/device where it’s easy to view throughout the class.
  • Create a space that’s about the size of two yoga mats (4 feet x 6 feet or 120 cm x 180 cm). The warm up, kicking drills, and poomse will be able to be completed in this space.
  • Take another look around the area to make sure it’s safe for Tae Kwon Do movements, including your best kicks.

Starting the class

  • Click the Google Meet link for your class time. This should connect you with your class.
  • Turn on your video so Master Cha can give you feedback or correction on your technique.
  • If you are not comfortable with having your video on, you can keep your video off. However, Master Cha won’t be able to offer improvements for your technique.
  • The Tae Kwon Do classes are not recorded.
  • You can also choose to blur your background or swap out the background for a vacation view or fun background in the Google Meet app.

During the class

  • We’d like to keep each class interactive and hope that you have a practice space free from distractions so everyone can keep their microphones on. If it’s too much, Master Cha will temporarily mute the microphones so everyone can hear the class instructions.
  • We’ll have someone at the computer monitoring the chat, but we hope students are focused on their kicks and punches and not their keyboards during the class.
  • We’ll do our best to address any technical issues as they arise, but we understand that some days technology is our friend and other days it doesn’t cooperate. We’ll catch up next class.