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How has COVID-19 changed Tae Kwon Do training?
November 17, 2020 at 7:00 AM

Alberta’s recent pause on in-person group sport classes has added another change to Tae Kwon Do training at Red Phoenix Tae Kwon Do.

Classes have now shifted online via Google Meet and occur at students’ regularly scheduled class times. The first online Tae Kwon Do classes were held on Saturday, Nov 14 and both students and instructors were up for the challenge. Parents and siblings (and one friendly family pet) even joined the class.

For now, online Tae Kwon Do classes are a temporary measure while in-person classes are paused based on province-wide guidance from Alberta Health Services. Once in-person training is allowed again, we’ll evaluate how online classes can supplement existing classes. Instructions have been emailed to every student; please let Master Cha know if you have not received the newsletter with the instructions to access the online classes.

Poomsae and TKD fundamentals are well suited for online -- what about sparring?

Although sparring has been on hold in recent in-person classes, training for sparring will be adjusted for online classes. We’ll focus on conditioning and flexibility exercises, as well as combinations to improve technique. This will help athletes maintain a good level of readiness for a return to in-person training and sparring. Watch for sparring-specific training videos to be uploaded later this week.

When in-person classes resume, what steps will we take for continued COVID-19 safety at the do-jang?

When we re-opened at the new location in September, we outlined the COVID-19 safety precautions at the do-jang. We’ll continue the rigorous cleaning between classes, the sanitizing of equipment between students and instructors, the masks and physical distancing, too. The red square mats on the blue training make it easy for students to keep their distance and train safely. From the youngest three and a half year old students in the preschool Tae Kwon Do classes to our adult students, we’re pleased with how everyone has adapted to COVID-19 protocols at the do-jang, but also look forward to everyone returning to classes at the do-jang.