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Keep your technique tip top with the best online training videos
December 10, 2020 at 4:00 AM

To check in on your usual Tae Kwon Do class basics, Master Cha has recorded 30 videos on the Red Phoenix Tae Kwon Do Youtube channel. These videos include:

  • Tae Kwon Do warm-up exercises
  • Stretching routine
  • Basic kicks by belt level
  • Basic movements by belt level
  • Poomsae by belt level

To maintain your conditioning and speed for sparring, here are some great footwork and training videos with Alex Wong:

For the younger students, World Tae Kwon Do has a series of Tae Kwon Do videos “Let’s get active with PJ Masks” that features international Tae Kwon Do athletes from 12 countries demonstrating Tae Kwon Do movements for children. Each upbeat, three-minute episode includes a warm-up, stretching exercises, and a new Tae Kwon Do skill to learn, including high kicks, flying side kicks, jumping turning kick, and more.

World Tae Kwon Do also has a series on how to Train Tae Kwon Do at home on their Youtube Channel for Tae Kwon Do students and athletes across the world to show how they are training at home.

For inspiration, you can also check out the World Taekwondo Demonstration team in their performance on Italia’s Got Talent. Amazing!